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Goodby Canon

After 30 years I now say goodbye to Canon and perform a system change to Sony. Unfortunately, Canon has reacted too late to the...

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Vietnam – The Douc

After unusually heavy rains in November and December, the Da Nang region was hit by massive flooding - which unfortunately also cost human lives...

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The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam offers a breathtaking scenery, especially in the rainy season. It has rained surprisingly little this October but this is...

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System change after 30 years Canon?

Back from my Vietnam tour, I will spend a lot of time in the next months dealing with a possible system change. The last...

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Vietnam – Sơn Trà und Hội An – The red-shanked douc in my head

I don’t get the red-shanked doug out of my head so I could not resist and flew again to Da Nang for a few...

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Vietnam – Saigon – The letter writer of Saigon

Now I’ve met him, the letter writer from Saigon. Mr. Ngo proudly told me at his post at Saigon Post Office that he was...

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Vietnam – Cát Tiên – Kingfishers and butterflies wherever you look

The Cát Tiên National Park is a paradise for all insects friends and birdwatchers. About fifty percent of the park is covered by evergreen...

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Vietnam – Da Nang – The red-shanked douc

Since Nang Vietnam’s fourth largest city is booming land prices are rising sharply. In relation to Saigon it is much less hectic, the average...

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Vietnam – Buôn Ma Thuột – The coffee paradise

Like planned I made a small stopover on a coffee plant in the central highlands, to learn how coffee growing looks like and how...

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Vietnam – Yok Đôn – The jungle is calling

At this time of the year there are usually only a few tourists in the park or, as in my case, none at all....

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Vietnam – Saigon

Xin chào! Here I will occasionally report on my current tour in Vietnam. As always, it is about nature photography and the difficult, mostly...

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New website

I had the feeling I need to do some renovation on my website. I hope you like it.

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Canon CPS takes some super telephoto lenses out of support

Hard to believe, Canon CPS has taken the penultimate generation of some super telephoto lenses like my EF500 4.0 L IS MK I out...

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EOS 1DX Mark II und EOS M3 auf meiner mehrmonatigen Schneeleoparden-Tour im Himalaja kamen diese beiden Kameras neben einer Sony AZ1 Action Cam zum Einsatz.

The Canon EOS 1DX MKII and what I do not like on it

Especially when you are into nature photography and thus usually have to react very quickly to events, you often fight with poorly thought-out firmware...

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Time for a new adventure

The schedule is not fixed yet, but it’s time to start with the planning. Where do I go ? This stays a secret for...

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Artikel in der Siegener-Zeitung über die mehrmonatige Schneeleoparden-Tour des Naturfotografen Jörg Manderbach - Press article about sucessfull snow leopard tour at the Himalayas by German nature photographer Joerg Manderbach

First little article about my just finished snow leopard tour at the Himalayas

On May 13th the German newspaper “Siegener-Zeitung” published an article about my just finished snow leopard tour at the Himalayas.

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Face-to-face with the King of the Himalayas

It was a fantastic experience. After many years and countless attempts, I managed to photograph a wild snow leopard close up. It was the...

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Last check of the technical equipment

Even a small defective plug or adapter can make the tour very difficult, so before the tour I have played all possible scenarios again...

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Return to the King of the Himalayas

Exciting time is coming! After several months of planning, I will be back to the Himalayas and try again to find the shy and...

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An audience with the King of the Himalayas

Nach gut sechsmonatiger Vorbereitung habe ich für mehrere Monate alleine den Himalaja bereist um Schneeleoparden zu fotografieren...

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