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Goodbye Canon

After 30 years I now say “goodbye” to Canon and make a system change to Sony. Unfortunately, Canon reacted too late to the future - and it is mirrorless. I would really have liked to stay, but what Canon currently has to offer in the mirrorless segment unfortunately does not meet my requirements and I doubt that this will change in the foreseeable future. In addition, it is completely unclear what will come in the field of super telephoto lenses for the RF mount, no nature photographer wants to handle adapters outside in the field. From a technical point of view, Canon is definitely one or two generations behind and this can only be made up with great effort and a lot of time. The current strategy of recycling "old" sensors and throwing "weak" toys on the market in order to quickly gain mass and thus prevent you from going under completely shows that you still have no answer to the Sony A7 and A9. Too conservative, too hesitant, too keen to protect other product groups and, last but not least, too profitable and not enough customer-oriented. Pity ! 

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