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26 May 2023

New addition to the family - The Sony 200-600 is now part of the family

Since I will soon be “switching” from nature photography to nature filming, I was looking for an ideal lens and the first thing that came to mind was the Sony 200-600. Almost borderline for photography, since the F5.6/6.3 is not really bright, but for filming in connection with the Sony FX6, this lens should be very useful, especially when travelling. I was able to do a first test with the Sony A9 on my Vietnam tour that just ended. At temperatures of up to 40°, the approximately 1 kg weight saving compared to my FE 400/F2.8 is quite nice. Optically, the lens is very good, although not comparable to the 400, which is not to be expected given the price difference.

19 Nov 2016

The return to the King of the Himalayas

Now the time has finally come, after several months of planning I will return to the Himalayas for many months to try again to find the rare and shy snow leopards. I have planned various routes at altitudes between 4300m and 5500m and will explore an area of around 1000 km².

20 May 2014

An audience with the King of the Himalayas

After a good six months of preparation, I traveled the Himalayas for several months to find snow leopards ...