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The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam offers a breathtaking backdrop, especially in the rainy season. It rained surprisingly little this October, possibly due to climate change. The rain showers are usually short and heavy and the temperatures are usually high. In recent years, various dams have been built to protect the people and the fields, which are supposed to make life easier for the people there. You can reach the region in about 6 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City, by the way, the buses are super comfortable with reclining seats and of course with free wifi. 

It is always a small spectacle when a rain front approaches, it often happens very quickly and looks more or less threatening. The showers are usually over after a few minutes and you can enjoy the slight cooling caused by the rain. 

The Tra Su Cajuput forest is partially flooded in the rainy season and is a paradise for water birds, a visit is definitely worth it. By the way, there is also real Mekong Delta honey here, because beekeepers have set up beehives on small dams in the forest.


You can marvel at real craftsmanship when you visit one of the Khmer families who live in the area near the border with Cambodia and are among the minorities. Hand-dyed silk is woven into ornate cloths by hand. If you look at the hard work, you can understand the quite high cost of the work. The cloth shown below should cost the equivalent of around 70 euros, which is actually much too cheap ... 

The juice and the pulp which is obtained from the nut of the palmyra palm (Borassus flabellifer) offers a welcome cooling. Some Khmer say that the land on which these palm trees stand belongs to Cambodia. 

The fishermen in the region use the rainy season to catch small and very tasty fish. The area is not permanently flooded, so you only have a short time to earn a little money. The fish joins your plate as soon as they are caught - simply delicious!

The flora and fauna are really breathtaking, you can hardly hike a long distance without stopping constantly to marvel at the numerous plants and insects. With a little luck you can even watch a snake but if you have no background knowledge about snakes, you should keep distance because there are toxic species in the delta.

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