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18 Mar 2021

Protected: The Sony A9 In the “Lab”

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15 Mar 2021

The hunt for the flying gem

It can also be found in many streams and rivers in North Rhine-Westphalia, but it rarely wants to be in front of the camera, which is why photos of it are coveted by nature photographers. For me, too, he is a long-time 'opponent' of whom I was able to take photos from time to time, but never really good ones up close. That's why, thanks to Corona, I've dealt with him extensively in the last few weeks. For me, as always, the “project” starts with the search

17 Jan 2020

Costa Rica

A popular travel destination among nature photographers is Costa Rica, the unique nature offers many motifs and so I went there for the first time. With the rental car I drove to the southwest in the province of Puntarenas, primarily with the aim of exploring the jungle around the Corcovado National Park. I deliberately left out the park itself, because it is a tourist attraction so mostly well attended, which I find besides the fact that you cannot explore the park alone without a guide

13 Oct 2018

The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam offers a breathtaking backdrop, especially in the rainy season. It rained surprisingly little this October, possibly due to climate change. The rain showers are usually short and heavy and the temperatures are usually high. In recent years, various dams have been built to protect the people and the fields, which are supposed to make life easier for the people there. You can reach the region in about 6 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City, by the way, the buses are super comfortable with reclining seats and of course with free wifi.

03 Jun 2018

System change after 30 years?

Back from my Vietnam tour, I will deal extensively with the topic of system change in the next few months. The last trip showed me once again the disadvantages of the EOS 1 DX “brick” when traveling frequently by plane. The camera is one of the best currently available on the market, but it is unnecessarily heavy and bulky. It's sad that Canon completely slept through the mirrorless age. Since everything at Canon has always been done in slow motion, I don't expect a lightweight, compact […]

21 May 2018

Vietnam - Cát Tiên - Kingfishers and butterflies wherever you look

The Cát Tiên National Park is a paradise for all insects and bird lovers. About fifty percent of the park is covered in evergreen forest. Unfortunately, like all the others, the park is threatened by poaching and illegal logging.

08 May 2018

Vietnam - Yok Đôn - The jungle is calling

The first location I looked at is the Yok Đôn National Park. At this time of year there are usually only a few tourists in the park, or as in my case none at all.

06 May 2017

Face to face with the King of the Himalayas

It was a great experience. After many years and countless attempts, I managed to photograph a wild snow leopard up close for the first time. It was the longest and most exhausting journey I have taken to photograph the rare and elusive cat. At the start of the tour in December 2016, the conditions on site were anything but favorable, as there was only sporadic snow. So I did the one-week acclimatization in Leh, the provincial capital at about 3500 meters […]

19 Nov 2016

The return to the King of the Himalayas

Now the time has finally come, after several months of planning I will return to the Himalayas for many months to try again to find the rare and shy snow leopards. I have planned various routes at altitudes between 4300m and 5500m and will explore an area of around 1000 km².

20 May 2014

An audience with the King of the Himalayas

After a good six months of preparation, I traveled the Himalayas for several months to find snow leopards ...