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Vietnam - Cát Tiên - Kingfishers and butterflies wherever you look

The Cát Tiên National Park is a paradise for all insects and bird lovers. About fifty percent of the park is covered in evergreen forest. Unfortunately, like all the others, the park is threatened by poaching and illegal logging.


Especially the huge clusters of butterflies that exist in this tropical lowland rainforest at the beginning of the rainy season are a great sight.

A trip by boat early in the morning or in the late afternoon is another highlight, because you can observe four different kingfisher species from the boat. The birds breed here all year round, you can see the breeding caves everywhere in the steep banks.

Away from the main paths, you should always keep your eyes open, because there is a lot to see. Countless species of ants, dragonflies, caterpillars and plants are waiting to be discovered.

In addition to countless species of insects, you can of course also observe various primates and, with a lot of luck, maybe elephants or even a big cat. For this you should plan a longer stay, because the animals are not easy to spot in the almost impenetrable jungle. In principle, you can and may move freely, but some areas may only be entered with a ranger.

My first short stay to explore the park was worth it, Cat Tien is worth a longer visit in the colder season.


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